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About Aviyon Partridge



 Aviyon was born in Durham County on November 8, 2006. He was a devoted son, brother, friend, cousin, and nephew. Aviyon was an avid sports player, his passion was basketball but he could also knock some balls out the park in baseball. Aviyon was smart, loving, and just a pure heart. He took great pride in being 6’4 and wearing a size 15 in shoes. His parents were asked countless times for his birth certificate because of his size. He would always run and see how many ceilings he could touch. He also wanted his dad to know his every move and lived for his dads attention.

Aviyon attended Roxboro Community School where he had many, many, many friends. He also loved his teachers and talked regularly about them, especially Mr. Ess. He also had his athletic teammates from various schools and great coaches. 

Finally, he aspired to be a famous NBA player for the Golden State Warriors and take care of his parents, one day. Hopefully, with your contribution his foundation can help another child fulfill his dream.

With a sincere heart,

The Partridge Family

Aviyon's Athletic Foundation Mission Statement


Our mission is to build the athletic skills of all youth, develop essential life skills, and advocate for prevention and change.

Options for donating to Aviyon's Athletic Foundation or Complex


Aviyon meant a lot to his family, community, friends, coaches, and teammates. Developing this foundation and complex would mean that his legacy, ambition, and determination to become the greatest athlete, will live on forever. Our objective is to full his dream by helping another child succeed through his foundation by equipping with the tools they will need through the complex. This complex will offer swimming, basketball, baseball, and football lessons. It will also offer, computer classes and mentoring sessions, as well as, other developmental life skills. Your donation is greatly appreciated and will forever touch the lives of those that cared for him deeply.

Aviyon's Athletic Foundation and Complex GoFundMe Page:

Mail in money orders, checks, or cashier checks to:

Aviyon's Athletic Foundation and Complex 

PO BOX 331

Roxboro, NC 27573


LaTosha Gayle Graves


" I don't want Aviyon's passing to be in vain!"

Ann El


"We are Family!"

MIchelle Davis


" Because that is what family is about, supporting each other in time of need to help this mother and father live the dream of their son !"


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Contact Us

Do you have a question about our foundation, GoFundMe Page, Complex, please feel free to send us a message, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  Email:

Aviyon's Athletic Foundation

Roxboro, North Carolina, United States